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Removals in Kensington

Exceptional Removal Services in Kensington

Welcome to Removal Remedy, your trusted partner for expert removals in Kensington. As a leading removals company in London, we specialise in providing comprehensive moving services to homeowners and business owners in the Kensington area. Our certified and fully insured team ensures a seamless and stress-free experience for all your moving needs. Call today on 020 8936 7637.

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About Removal Remedy

Established in 2015, Removal Remedy has built a strong reputation for delivering exceptional customer service and going the extra mile for a 5-star experience.


Our trusted family London removals business has served the local community with a wide range of services, from small domestic jobs like flat removals and house removals to larger, more complex tasks such as office moves and commercial relocation.


We take pride in our expertise and commitment to providing the best possible service for our clients in Kensington and surrounding areas.

London Removals Company, Office Removals in London

Comprehensive Removal Services in Kensington

At Removal Remedy, we offer a wide range of removal services tailored to meet the unique needs of our clients in Kensington. Our experienced team is dedicated to making your move as hassle-free as possible, ensuring that your belongings are handled with the utmost care.

House Moves

Whether you're moving to a new flat or a family home, our expert team will make your house move a smooth and stress-free experience. From furniture removals to packing and assembly services, we've got you covered.

Commercial Office Moves

We understand the challenges of relocating a business or office. Our professional team specialises in efficient and well-organized commercial moves, ensuring minimal disruption to your operations.

Man and Van Kensington

For smaller moves or single-item transportation, our reliable Man and Van service is the perfect solution. We provide prompt, safe, and affordable assistance for your moving needs.

Specialist Moves

We cater to unique moving requirements, such as gym equipment removal, piano and fine art relocation, and overseas removals. Our skilled team handles your valuable possessions with extra care and attention.

Gym Equipment Removal

Whether you're relocating a home gym or a commercial fitness facility, our team is experienced in safely disassembling, transporting, and reassembling gym equipment

Assembly and Dismantling

Save time and effort with our professional assembly and dismantling services. We expertly handle furniture, appliances, and other items requiring assembly or disassembly during your move.


Our packing services ensure that your belongings are well-protected during transit. We use high-quality packing materials and techniques to safeguard your items from damage.


If you need a secure and convenient storage solution during your move, we offer a range of storage options to suit your needs. Our storage services are available through our affiliation with The Big Yellow Storage Company. 

Why Choose Removal Remedy for Your Kensington Move

Choosing the right removal company for your Kensington move is crucial for a successful and stress-free experience. Here's why Removal Remedy is the preferred choice for homeowners and business owners in the Kensington area:

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Certified and Fully Insured

We take your peace of mind seriously. As a certified and fully insured removal company, we adhere to strict industry standards and best practices, ensuring that your belongings are in safe and capable hands throughout the moving process.

Exceptional Customer Experience

We believe that a brand is defined by the customer's experience, and we always strive to go the extra mile for that 5-star service. Our team is attentive, responsive, and dedicated to providing a seamless and positive experience, from the initial consultation to the completion of your move.

Wide Range of Removal Services

We offer a comprehensive range of removal services, from house moves and commercial relocations to specialist moves and storage solutions. Our flexible and tailored approach ensures that we can accommodate your specific moving requirements, making your move as hassle-free as possible.

Local Expertise

Having served the Kensington community since 2015, we have developed extensive local knowledge and expertise in the area. Our familiarity with the Kensington landscape enables us to plan and execute your move efficiently, ensuring a smooth and timely transition to your new home or business location.

Home Removals Kensington

Removals in Kensington

House Removals Kensington

Removals in Kensington

Flat Removals

Removals in Kensington

Furniture Removals

Moving to a new home in Kensington can be both exciting and daunting. At Removal Remedy, we're here to make the process as smooth as possible with our expert house removal services. Whether you're moving from a flat or a larger residence, our team is equipped to handle every aspect of your move with professionalism and care.

Relocating from a flat or apartment comes with its unique set of challenges, such as navigating tight spaces and dealing with building regulations. Our experienced team is skilled in handling flat removals, ensuring that your belongings are safely transported and taking extra care to minimize disruptions to your neighbours.

Moving bulky furniture can be a daunting task, but our team is up for the challenge. We have the expertise to disassemble, transport, and reassemble your furniture with ease, ensuring that each piece arrives at your new home in the same condition it left your old one. We take the hassle out of your furniture removals in Kensington.

Commercial and Office Removals in Kensington

Relocating a business or office space requires careful planning and execution to minimise downtime and disruptions. At Removal Remedy, our team specialises in providing seamless commercial and office removal services in Kensington. We work closely with you to develop a customised moving plan, ensuring that your equipment, furniture, and important documents are relocated efficiently and securely.

Specialist Removals in Kensington

At Removal Remedy, we understand that some moves involve unique or valuable items that require extra care and attention. Our team is skilled in handling specialist removals, ensuring that your possessions are treated with the utmost care during every step of the moving process.

Gym Equipment

Whether you're moving a home gym or a commercial fitness facility, our team has the experience and expertise to handle gym equipment removals. We take care of disassembling, transporting, and reassembling your fitness equipment, ensuring that it arrives in perfect working condition.

Piano and Fine Art Removals

Moving delicate and expensive items such as pianos and fine art pieces requires a special level of expertise. Our team is trained in handling these valuable possessions with care, using specialised equipment and techniques to ensure their safe transport and delivery.

European Removals

If your move involves relocating to another country, Removal Remedy is here to help. Our team has experience in managing overseas removals, coordinating with international partners and handling customs requirements to ensure a smooth transition to your new home abroad.

Packing and Storage Solutions in Kensington

Proper packing and storage are essential components of a successful move. At Removal Remedy, we offer a range of packing and storage solutions to meet your specific needs and ensure the safety of your belongings during transit and beyond.

Our professional packing services use high-quality materials and techniques to protect your items from damage. We can also provide guidance on the best packing practices if you prefer to pack your belongings yourself.

For those in need of storage solutions, we offer secure and convenient options to accommodate your needs. Our storage facilities provide a safe environment for your possessions until you're ready to move them to their final destination.

Storage Services

If you need to store your belongings before, during, or after your move, we offer flexible and affordable storage solutions, in collaboration with the Big Yellow Self Storage Company.

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Do movers take apart the bed?

Yes, most professional movers can take apart your bed as part of their assembly and disassembly services. This typically includes disassembling the bed frame, headboard, and footboard, as well as carefully packing and transporting the individual components. Upon arrival at your new home, the movers can also reassemble your bed, ensuring it is set up correctly and ready for use. Here at Removal Remedy, our team are experts in the assembly and reassembly of a range of furniture and items so dealing with your bed is no trouble at all.

What will removal companies not move?

If it's safe to transport, we'll handle it. We do not move hazardous waste materials, livestock, or items contaminated with asbestos. However, we hold a waste carrier license and can provide photographs of your disposed items upon request, ensuring responsible and transparent disposal practices.

When and how do I pay?

We consistently strive to collect payment upon collection, accepting various forms of payment such as cash, bank transfers, or through our mobile card terminal available in every van. For larger jobs booked in advance, we require a 10% deposit to confirm the booking and facilitate the delivery of packing materials ahead of time.

What is your insurance and what does it cover?

We possess all the essential insurances to guarantee that your move in Kensington is protected from any potential damage, whether it occurs inside your home or during the transportation of your belongings. Our comprehensive coverage includes public liability, goods in transit, and professional indemnity insurance.

Frequently Asked Questions

How far in advance should I book removals UK?

It's generally recommended to book your removal company in the UK at least 4 to 6 weeks in advance of your moving date. However, booking even earlier is advisable if you're planning to move during the peak season,, weekends, or at the end of the month. This will help ensure availability and provide ample time for the company to schedule and plan for your move. Keep in mind that demand for removal services can vary depending on the time of year and regional factors, so it's always best to book as early as possible for your peace of mind.

Do removals dismantle furniture?

Yes, many removal companies offer furniture dismantling and reassembly services as part of their comprehensive moving solutions. These services are particularly helpful for large, bulky, or complex items that may be difficult to move in one piece or require special handling. Professional movers have the tools, expertise, and experience to safely dismantle and reassemble furniture, ensuring that each item is properly taken apart, transported, and put back together at your new location. Our team at Removal Remedy are experts in this.

How do you calculate your prices?

Our goal is to determine the cost of your move based on the required manpower and the time it takes to complete the process. This can vary depending on your specific needs – some clients prefer to move over three days, while others want to be finished by 2 pm at the latest. For smaller-scale jobs, we offer a fixed hourly rate system that provides flexibility, allowing you to use our team for as little or as much time as needed. In cases where a job may be more complex or require packing, we typically prefer to communicate via phone or video call to gain a better understanding of the situation and provide an accurate quote accordingly.

Get a Quote for Your Kensington Removal

At Removal Remedy, we're committed to providing a seamless and stress-free moving experience. If you're planning a move in Kensington, we invite you to get in touch with us for a personalised quote tailored to your specific requirements.

Don't hesitate to reach out to our friendly team to discuss your moving needs or to schedule a consultation. We're here to answer any questions you may have and help you navigate the moving process with confidence.


Contact us today, and let Removal Remedy be your trusted partner for your Kensington removals.

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